4 Concepts To Consider when Planning a Kitchen Remodel in Concord

A kitchen remodel is often an exciting undertaking. The large variety of materials and trendy gadgets now available for those planning a kitchen remodel in Concord opens many possibilities for homeowners. However, even the most expensive, high-tech kitchen will fall short of expectations if it doesn’t serve its ultimate purpose: to provide a practical and comfortable space for meal preparation.

  1. Functionality Determines Form
    First, a homeowner must determine how often they cook and how complex the dishes are that they are fond of preparing. A bachelor’s kitchen will need extra shelf space for convenience foods, and those fond of fresh fruits and vegetables, or with a knack for healthy shakes and smoothies, will want to plan a small island specifically for chopping veggies. Likewise, baking aficionados or hobbyist chefs will want to devote more room to countertops to act as a “working area”, and perhaps skip the breakfast counter to compensate.
  2. Keeping it Family Friendly
    It’s important to consider the needs and safety of the entire family when drafting a kitchen remodel in Concord. Safe appliances like a microwave can be kept at a slightly lower height than fruit choppers or blenders, in order to allow a 10-year-old to warm their own cereal. Homes with pets or small children, on the other hand, will want to be extra careful when choosing where to place the garbage disposal switch.
  3. Keeping Tools at Hand
    One of the main factors that makes a kitchen functional and well-designed instead of just flashy is how convenient it is to actually cook in it. It is important to visualize the different activities and tools that are usually required while cooking a special dish, in order to design the different shelves and racks at a sensible distance: while it may seem like a trifling detail at first, having to take three steps to reach the knife rack from the chopping board will quickly grow tiresome.

    Personal habits, such as music while eating or a fondness for online recipes, should also be taken into account when distributing landing space on countertops or planning the ideal position for fridges and microwaves.

  4. Light, Air, and Hygiene
    Several aspects of a kitchen’s design influence how big it will appear, how fresh or cozy, and even how easy it will be to keep clean. When planning a kitchen remodel in Concord, it is important to take into account the location of any sources of natural light, as well as air circulation and even the room’s size itself. Keeping light colors will help a small kitchen feel bigger, but it will look cold and overly aseptic if it’s already a big space.

    Stoves and grills should ideally be placed away from any windows, as oil stains are notoriously hard to clean from glass. Any incoming drafts should be accounted for: it would not be favorable to end up with stale grease smell in the living room or a nearby bedroom.

A kitchen remodel is one of the most demanding projects in interior architecture. While a magazine-like space may look glossy and elegant at first glance, it’s important to account for the space’s unique characteristics when first drafting the blueprints. After all, a kitchen is a functional space, so it should be engineered accordingly.