4 Steps for Efficient Kitchen Design In Concord

Whether it’s a brand new home or a remodel for an old house, kitchen design is one of the most time-consuming parts of interior architecture. Such a complex process is bound to be confusing for homeowners, but this quick guide will make kitchen design in Concord a more straightforward process.

  1. Letting The Imagination Go Wild – And Then Bringing It Back
    The first phase of kitchen design is often the most time consuming one, and it may require several weeks of drawings and meetings with the designer.

    There are two main guidelines to help smooth out this process: first, it should be remembered that it’s always easier to trim overly costly additions later on than adding necessary ones later on. Second, that the designer’s job will be a a lot easier if he or she has a concrete example of what each client thinks of when they say “modern”, “industrial”, or “Victorian”. A scrapbook with pictures of favored kitchens or looks from style magazines will help bring the customer’s vision into a reality.

  1. Determining Who Is Involved
    Once a kitchen design in Concord has been found pleasing by the homeowners, it’s time to decide exactly which professionals or contractors will be involved in making it a reality, as well as their cost. This is usually the time in which deadlines and a time frame for the entire project is chosen.

    If the design requires custom cabinets, or a whole new plumbing installation, then service providers should be interviewed and properly screened: dealing with contractors is rarely easy, but choosing professionals with good references and a solid background will prevent a lot of headaches later on.

  1. Dealing With The Numbers, From Large To Small
    While most homeowners prefer to think of how the entire kitchen is going to look, it’s also important to allot some time to think of the hard numbers: structure, cabinet height, countertop depth, alley space, or island space. Once these big numbers have been set in stone, small tweaks provided by finishes and details need to be accounted for.

    Often, choosing a type of wood for the cabinets will have to alter a drawer’s space slightly, or won’t match with a specific lighting fixture. The possibility of having to choose different kitchen appliances should also be considered: maybe that fridge model doesn’t come in the necessary color, or it’s out of stock.

  1. Safety Checks
    When commissioning a kitchen design in Concord, the safety standards of the finished kitchen should not be overlooked. While most reputable designers will include basic and mandatory safety measures (such as fire extinguishers or smoke detectors) in their design from the get-go, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a specific safety-focused walkthrough before building starts. In the case of households with children, safe stove tops, and properly guarded switches and electrical plugs are of particular importance.

Navigating kitchen design is complex, as it is a room where functionality is paramount but style is highly visible. By working with an understanding designer and trustworthy professionals, it can be made much easier.