5 Benefits of Custom Cabinets in Concord

One of the main focal points of a kitchen is the cabinets. Since they serve as the kitchen’s everyday furniture, they need to be built to last with a design that represents the owner’s style.

While shop-bought cabinets may be cheaper, they simply cannot offer the value of custom cabinets in Concord.

The Benefits of Having Custom Cabinets Made

  1. They Are Built to Last
    Customized cabinets are typically made by a skilled cabinet maker by hand. The cabinet makers take pride in their work and use quality materials to create a work of art that will last a long time.
  1. Local Sourcing of Materials
    For people concerned about the origin of the wood that is used for their cabinets, custom cabinetry is the way to go. There are broader choices of wood, such as local or domestic hardwoods which lessen the impact on the environment.
  1. All The Elements Needed
    Homeowners can choose the elements that work best for them. They do not need to settle for average dimensions. For instance, if someone is 5” tall, they can order small cabinets to place on the kitchen’s countertops at the perfect height for optimal leverage when preparing food. For taller people, taller cabinets can be created. If a household has people of varying heights, they can order cabinets in a range of sizes to accommodate everyone.

    People can choose unique drawer and cabinet combinations, too, that will fit their baking and cooking style and create a more efficient kitchen especially for them. For example, a kitchen could incorporate a spice cabinet, cutlery cabinet, pull-out cutting boards, a cookie sheet cabinet, wine racks, trash drawers, or even island cabinetry that can be opened from both sides.

  1. Personal Selection of Custom Cabinets in Concord
    Shop-bought, stock cabinets can include hundreds upon hundreds of combinations, but buyers will still be limited by the availability of products. However, custom cabinetry offers homemakers a personal and customized selection of style, wood and finish as well as hardware to address their needs and design goals. Very often, stock cabinetry is created in an assembly line in bulk batches and at different times. This results in materials and finishes that don’t match. Custom cabinets will be made to order with hand-chosen woods and will all be finished at the same time.
  1. Custom Cabinets Are Built to Fit
    If a home has an unconventional floor plan or unusual kitchen layout, stock cabinets are not going to work. Stock cabinets are typically designed for stock kitchen sizes, so if there is a wall left over in the kitchen, fillers will be needed in those areas. While fillers may have their place, they should be used sparingly and only as needed. Custom made cabinets can be built to any size a homeowner would like, which would make all the spaces in the kitchen usable and take advantage of just about every inch in the room.


Custom cabinetry offers a fitted look that cannot be achieved with stock cabinetry