5 Trends For Bathroom Design in Concord

While a home’s master bathroom is rarely ever more than a combination of toilet, sink, and shower or tub, there is still plenty of room to play with when drafting a new bathroom design in Concord. From daring and outlandish themes to completely new workarounds on classic pieces, the following five trends show the many unique possibilities that a home’s bathroom represents.

  1. Mediterranean Allure
    One of the hottest trends for bathroom design in Concord is to evoke the fresh, leisurely lifestyle of the western Mediterranean – in particular, the vibrancy of Spain and Portugal colors and the exotism of Morocco’s decor accents. Based around terracotta tiles, Middle Eastern lattice woodwork, and a strong emphasis on natural light, a Mediterranean style bathroom is now a favorite of pool houses or vacation homes. Complemented by a wide pool-like hydrotherapy tub, it brings the relaxation of Roman bath houses to daily enjoyment.
  1. Wet Rooms
    Simply put, a wet room is a massive shower room without a tray or screen, opting instead from tiling everything evenly, with only a slight gradient to allow drainage. Although it started as a radical design option meant to help accessibility, the wide spaces provided by wet rooms are quickly gaining more popularity. When combined by door-to-ceiling glass panels around it, or polished cement finishes, they provide a minimalist and sophisticated bathroom option. A favorite of urban lofts, they can increase a home’s value if they’re made ADA-compliant.
  1. Green Tiling
    For most people who are thinking about bathroom design in Concord, tiles are automatically assumed to be ceramic. However, over the past five years, non-traditional tile materials have become a symbol of forward design. Leather or stone tiles are already seen in many upscale hotel lobbies or bistros, although they remain inconvenient for bathrooms. Reclaimed wood tiles, on the other hand, are proving just right because of their spa-like allure and friendliness towards the environment.
  1. Living Walls
    Keeping potted plants or flowers in the bathroom is often too messy because of the dirt and potential bugs they may attract. This is unfortunate, as the special moisture and warmth of the bathroom is actually an ideal environment for many lush plants that wouldn’t normally grow anywhere else in the house. Living walls provide the opportunity to grow thick hanging greens vertically easily. Thanks to many horticulturists’ ingenuity, many models provide spill-free way to water them, in addition to a highly relaxing decor option.
  1. Smart Bathrooms
    A strong tendency in bathroom remodeling is to incorporate high-tech gadgets into the bathroom’s functioning. From smartphone-controlled water heaters or lighting, to Bluetooth speakers in the shower, it is only logical for bathrooms to be included in the general trend of home automation.

Bathrooms are the most private room in a home, which makes their comfort and beauty a priority for many homeowners. The modern field of interior design is incorporating new styles and ideas to unlock the potential of these rooms to previously unknown heights.