Bring New Life to Your Home

When it comes to options, such as quartz countertops, Concord residents can make a big difference in how their home looks, but there are several other options to consider too. If you have been bored with the neutral trends that have been around for the last decade then you are in luck because the new trends are all about being bright, vibrant and luxurious. Mixing these elements together are even better.

Go Gold

Gold is really hot right now. This does not mean that you need to go out and drop thousands on 14 karat gold mirrors and picture frames. Faux gold works just as well. You can find plenty of items to add some gold to your rooms that are very affordable. These include things like candle holders, picture frames, throw pillows, handles and knobs for doors and drawers, mirror frames and wall hanging frames.

Go Yellow

Accents of yellow are very hot right now. It does not matter what your color scheme is, you can implement a few splashes of yellow. For example, a yellow vase, some yellow throw pillows or some fresh yellow flowers in a clear vase. The keys with yellow are to keep them small and not to use yellow as a major color in your room. You want small elements that are a bright yellow to bring a little life to your room and give it a little kick of bright and happy personality.

Black is Back

Black d├ęcor has been seen as too Gothic over the last decade, but black is back and how it is perceived has changed dramatically. Everything from black walls to black furniture are trending and can even be mixed together. Black walls are most popular with a matte finish while black furniture and accessories are most popular as glossy and lacquered. You can also mix in dark wood furniture with matte black walls and accessories. Then, do your trim in a basic glossy white paint. This is luxurious, modern and very elegant. Do not forget a framed in silver and some candles to complete the look. A lot of people are taking this trend into their dining rooms.

Cottage Style

If you are already into the French country or shabby chic look then you probably already have some cottage-style elements in your home. This means pastel colors, ornate faucets, puffy furniture with lots of pillows and a mix of natural woods with white and pastel colors. This is a very comfortable style and very easy to implement. Think light, breezy and comfortable when you are implementing this style into your home. If you were to only implement this in one room, it works very well in a bedroom where comfort and a laid-back style are essential to rest.

You can see that there are several options for adding new decorative touches to your home. Whether you opt for new colors or quartz countertops in Concord, it is easy to make a big change quickly.