Build Your Dream Bathroom in a Country Rustic Style

When planning for rustic bathroom design, Concord homeowners want to look at elements that have an old and down home feel. You can make the space truly unique by incorporating a few more modern elements, such as a brushed nickel sink. This is a very versatile design idea and one that allows for a lot of creativity and personalization. Think about the colors and country elements that you want to see and start creating a plan before you get started.

Soft Hues

The main colors in the room should be soft, such as white, a light gray, or a light blue or green. All of these will work with the wood tones that you will work in elsewhere, such as the vanity on your sink or shelving options. A matte to semi-gloss paint is best because you do not want it to shine too much.

Vintage Treasures

For the small accents, such as your light fixtures, faucet, and hardware, consider going for vintage options. This will give your bathroom a more country feel to it. You can also opt for some industrial accents that have a distressed or weathered look. Just make sure that you use industrial elements sparingly and that these accents have a vintage look to them so that everything is able to flow well together. You might also opt to add some antique touches, such as an old mirror or hairbrush set.

Barn Doors

For any cabinets with doors, such as the cabinet below your sink, using small barn doors gives your space a nice rustic feel. You can make these on your own if you are handy or you might even be able to repurpose them from an actual barn.

Bring in Some Copper

Copper, especially when it is distressed, is ideal for a rustic design scheme. Opt for a mirror that has a copper frame, for example. You do not want to use a lot of this material, but a few nice accents.

Wood or White Tile Floors

You want to keep the floors in your rustic bathroom relatively simple. Wood floors that have a raw and distressed look work well. If you want to keep it lighter, go with a basic white tile for this purpose and ensure the grout is pure white.

You can see that a rustic bathroom design in Concord is fun and it is not too hard to pull off. You have a lot of space to get creative and to adapt the ideas above to perfectly fit with your specific tastes. In addition to good design, you also want to ensure that your bathroom is a functional space.