Cabinetry Glass Engraving Hints and Tips

With custom cabinets, Concord residents can create just about any styles that they want. If you have glass in your cabinets, you might consider engraving it to create something that is completely unique and tailored to the design of your kitchen. When it comes to engraving glass, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. You want to respect the fact that glass is fragile and there are ways to preserve its integrity while also getting the engraving done that you need. There are some hints and tips you can keep in mind to ensure that your engraved glass always looks great.

Your Drill Speed

Consider changing your drill speed when you are engraving glass. Try a speed that is a bit slower to get edges that are smooth and aesthetically pleasing. This is especially true when you are engraving using an inexpensive rotary tool. You should go slowly in terms of how quickly you are moving the tool as well. This can further improve line smoothness and it works to prevent you from making mistakes during the process.

Try Using Some Water

When it comes to glass, adding some water to your engraving method can be highly beneficial. Grab a sponge and get it damp with water, or water mixed with a bit of soap. Use this to dab the glass as you engrave to keep it cool so that the glass does not heat up too much as you are getting things done. You can also use a cotton swab to dampen the outline of what you plan to engrave to keep this area cooled down before and during your engraving work. Keeping the glass cool helps to protect its integrity so that you do not have to deal with issues, such as accidental breaking or cracking.

Use a Good Bur

When engraving you want a bur that is high in quality and made to work well with glass. Diamond burs that are of a finer grade tend to be a good option. If you are using a diamond bur that is less expensive, these are usually rather coarse and can increase the risk of chipping as you are engraving. However, at the same time, these are a good option when you need to do some highlights on your engraving. Ideally, you will have different burs of different grades to create an array of different designs.

With this information, you can easily create custom cabinets in Concord that are unlike anything anyone else has. Engrave your initials, intricate patterns, geometric patterns or other awesome designs so that your cabinets easily become the focal point of your kitchen.