Choosing the Perfect Valances for Your Home’s Windows

Whether working on dining room, bathroom or kitchen design, Concord homeowners want to make sure that their window treatments fit the total space. Valances can be tricky to work with, especially if you are going for a more casual look, but it is important to consider them on a per room basis. When you are ready to pick out the valances for your room, head to a store that has a large variety, so that it is easy to get what you need in one place.


Kitchen windows are something that you generally want to keep open so that you can get plenty of natural light during the day. A small valance in a light color that covers the upper third of the window is common because it provides a decorative touch without obstructing the light from shining in. You can pair it with small café curtains or just stick with the valance. Consider the color of your woodwork to pick out a hue that matches well without completely blending in.


When it comes to your bathroom you want to easily be able to switch between maximum privacy and getting light in during the day. A valance can provide this, but you want a more versatile option. For example, there are valances that look and work similar to a Roman shade that will accomplish this. You can also choose to use a valance and then a blind that rolls up into it when it is not in use so that it is disguised unless you want to increase privacy.

Dining Room

If you have a more formal dining room, you can go for a combination of drapes with a heavy valance and it will work well. If your dining room is more modern, try a valance made with a sheer fabric and combine this with a sheer curtain of the same color to create a more cascading effect.

Living Room

The type of valances that fit best in your living room will depend on the look that you are going for. If your living room is more casual, then a straight valance is a good option because it incorporates a panel that covers the upper third of your windows. You can easily work curtains in with this for added design and privacy. Consider solid colors or gentle patterns so that your furniture or a piece of art remain the room’s focal point.

No matter if you are working on living room or kitchen design in Concord, your window treatments are an important decision. Use this information as a guide, but do not be shy about getting creative with your choices.