Cleaning Tips for Spotless Kitchen Cabinetry

When caring for cabinetry, Concord residents want to keep a few things in mind to ensure that everything stays clean and in good condition. There are multiple cleaning options and methods that you want to explore. It is important to clean them regularly too so that you can prevent debris and impurities from being allowed to build up. Learn more about the ways to clean your cabinets and get a schedule together, making it easier to keep up with the work so that every cleaning job goes faster.

Water and Detergent

This is one of the most common ways to clean your cabinets. Just make sure that the detergent that you use is safe for your cabinets. For example, dishwashing soap is often a good option. Just add two cups of warm water and about one tablespoon of detergent to a bucket to mix it.

Water and Vinegar

To make an effective mixture of water and vinegar, you should do about a half cup of vinegar for every two cups of warm water. This is especially beneficial if you have any stainless steel components to your cabinetry.

Baking Soda and Water

This mixture is ideal when you need to alleviate tough stains from your cabinetry. You will mix enough water and baking soda together to make a paste. Apply this to the stains and allow it to sit for several minutes. Then, gently scrub it away and make sure that all residue is removed completely.

Creating a Schedule

You can take a damp cloth and wipe the outsides of the cabinetry about once a week. This will reduce how much is able to build up over time. It also eliminates all of the dust. About twice a year, use one of the methods above to fully deep clean your cabinetry. You want to use a soft cloth and a little elbow grease to get rid of everything that might have built up. Once you are done cleaning, wipe it all down with plain water to rinse away any residue. Also, dry the cabinets after cleaning.

Once a year, you should also wipe out the inside of your cabinets. This takes a little more work because you have to pull out all of the items from the shelves. However, doing this will make sure that your kitchen is overall cleaner.

You can see that maintaining and cleaning your cabinetry in Concord is not a difficult task. As long as you do it at least twice a year, there will be a lesser chance of dirt and other impurities being allowed to accumulate. This keeps the cabinets clean and looking like new.