Bathroom Remodeling

Common Updates for the Bathroom Remodeling Project

Most homeowners don’t put a lot of thought into bathroom remodeling, but it’s a room used so frequently that you should take many things into consideration for your remodeling project.

Size – By adding space and closet space to your bathroom, you increase its functionality and efficiency.

Lighting – Consider improving the light in your bathroom with some natural light from windows or sky light tubes. You could also consider lighting around the sink mirror for improved visibility.

Storage – The more storage you have in your bathroom, the easier life is. Consider room for towels, toiletries, and everything else you need in the bathroom.

Laundry – If you need the space and have a bathroom that doubles as a laundry room, there are options available to maximize privacy and efficient use of space.

Bath or Shower – Consider whether you want a tub, a stand-up shower, or luxury features like walk-in showers, jet tubs, or more.