Cool Ideas for New Bathroom Lighting

Most bathrooms tend to have bright and harsh lighting. Most people use their bathrooms to apply makeup as well as showering and other activities where lighting is important. The perfect bathroom should have a balance of bright lights and dimmer more relaxing lights for when we want to lay in the bathtub and forget about the worries of the world. With new lights and granite countertops, Concord residents can enjoy a space that is modern and elegant.

Replace Your Outdated Overhead Light

You have several options at hand so that you too can achieve that balance. First off remove your current overhead light and consider a nice chandelier. Chandeliers are super easy to install, and they tend to omit the perfect amount of light. For increased versatility install a dimmer switch so that you can adjust the brightness of the chandelier. You can also create a chandelier of candles above your tub so that you get the perfect glow for those times when you want to relax in your bathtub.

Enhance Your Vanity Lighting

When women are applying makeup, you need a light that flatters your face and makes it easy to see the colors. There are hundreds of options when it comes to vanity lighting. Vanity lighting that has an orange type glow to it seems to better display your flaws better, making it easier to cover them.

Bathtub Lighting Ideas

You want a tub area that is relaxing, and your lighting plays a major role in this. This might involve candles, as well as other lighting. You want to make sure that your candles put out enough light so that you can read, but not too much or you will lose the romance and serenity that the candles were meant for. To figure out how many you need it is strictly a trial and error situation. You must also be careful with scented candles because some scents do not mix well together.

Consider Recessed Lighting

It goes with any design scheme and is very cost efficient. Recessed lighting also tends to have a flattering glow and can easily be hooked up to a dimmer switch. Recessed lighting is also nice because you can use it to highlight the design elements that you are most proud of as well as add light to objects that need it. It can be a tricky install if you are starting from scratch because you will need to have some knowledge of wiring and you will also need to create the holes in the ceiling where you will place each light.

Now you have some lighting ideas for your bathroom. You can add thee when you put in granite countertops in Concord for a quick remodel that makes a huge difference.