Eight Unique Custom Cabinet Ideas For Homes

Cabinets are an area of the home that is often overlooked in terms of design. Many homeowners simply don’t think of cabinets when they think of customizing their house in a unique way. There are actually several design ideas that will give old cabinets an upgrade, or create totally custom cabinets for a home that’s being built. These designs can all be easily achieved, especially if a professional is being used. Custom cabinets in Concord all the way to Los Angeles can be made for every kind of home. Here are eight designs for a custom cabinet.

Custom Cabinets From Concord To Los Angeles: Eight Designs For Any Home

  1. Wooden Crates
    This look is filled with rustic, shabby chic charm. Installing wooden crates as pullout drawers in a kitchen or bathroom is a fun and easy way to add a unique touch. For a vintage look, homeowners can stain and weather the wood, or even put a vintage label on the wood.
  1. Subway Tile Lined
    Another vintage look is to have wooden cabinets with glass panels, and subway tile lining the back of the cabinet. This creates a clean look that combines both vintage and modern elements, offering a truly unique custom cabinet.
  1. Metal Displays
    Homeowners can go thrifting to find old, metal display cases to hang on their bathroom or kitchen walls as cabinets. This look is industrial and rugged when left as is, but adding paint to the display cases could create a more subtle vintage look as well.
  1. Steel And Wood Carts
    A modern look for kitchen cabinets would be to use steel carts (or any metal a homeowner might prefer) in a kitchen, and then put smoothly finished, wooden drawers into the metal carts to create a truly custom cabinet set up. This drawer storage cabinetry is also popularly used in restaurant kitchens, so homeowners with a passion for cooking will especially enjoy this look.
  1. Fun Colors

An easy way to instantly customize or upgrade cabinets are to paint them a fun, nonconventional color. For example, a sea foam green color gives a vintage vibe to a kitchen, and a deep blue color adds class and sophistication.

  1. Carved Wood
    For a truly customized, craftsmanship look, homeowners can have intricately carved wood for their cabinets. One example is to use Spanish colonial designs in the wood, or perhaps a Moroccan inspired carving.
  1. Stainless Steel
    This look is modern and even a little futuristic. By using all stainless steel for cabinets, homeowners will create a clean, effortlessly cool atmosphere in their kitchen. This look is even more futuristic if handles aren’t installed, so that a seamless flow can be present in the kitchen.
  1. Barnwood And Iron
    For a farmhouse look, homeowners can used weathered barnwood for their cabinets and install iron hardware as the handles. This look is very versatile, as it can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms or even on media centers in living rooms or game rooms.

Whether someone is wanting custom cabinets in Concord or Austin, these eight design ideas will look perfect in any home.