Family Friendly Kitchen vs. Gourmet Kitchen

The kitchen has long been called the heart and soul of a home. It’s the room where everyone gathers every day to share their stories of the day, share a meal, or gets themselves a snack. One family’s desires for their kitchen can differ greatly from the needs of another household.

There are two types of kitchens that you should further research before you plunge headfirst into your kitchen remodel: gourmet and family friendly.

A gourmet kitchen differs greatly from a family friendly kitchen with features that meet the differing needs of two very different households.

A gourmet kitchen is designed for the home chef who missed their calling. Home chefs have a desire to have all the amenities of a restaurant kitchen. A plethora of storage space is a must have in this type of kitchen. A home chef uses a wide variety of ingredients that requires the need for storage to maintain a fully stocked pantry, down to the full range of herbs and spices. They want all the state-of-the-art, high tech appliances that any good chef could need, including and induction range, double oven, and a warming drawer. Lastly, he or she wants huge amounts of counter and prep space for all the various cooking endeavours on which they will embark. This type of kitchen remodel differs greatly from the family-friendly kitchen.

Family-friendly kitchens are centered around the family and the many uses for which a busy family will use their kitchen. In this type of kitchen, non-porous, easy to clean, durable surfaces are a must-have. When the kids are always in the kitchen, it’s going to be a mess on a regular basis. Things will be dropped and broken. Additionally, accessible storage is a feature in these kitchens in order to facilitate self-sufficient kids learning to cook and make healthy eating choices. Many parents will give the kids their designated drawers in the pantry and refrigerator for just these purposes.

Another great feature of this type of kitchen is a snack bar that can be multipurpose. This snack or breakfast bar can be used as a dining table or a homework station. This promotes family togetherness with the ability for everyone to be comfortable in the kitchen together.

Regardless of the type of kitchen you want, a kitchen remodel is a large undertaking that requires extensive research, planning, a budget, and a qualified professional. A kitchen remodel company in Concord, California can assistant any homeowner in getting the kitchen of their dreams. After all, it is the heart and soul of the home, where memories are made and lessons are learned.