Five Ways To Use Granite In Homes

Granite is a versatile material because it comes in hundreds of colors and patterns. The material is incredibly popular for countertops, and for good reason. It’s durable, adds value to a home and is customizable for any taste. The granite itself isn’t customizable, since it’s a natural stone that is quarried from the earth, but because there are so many natural variations this allows for hundreds of options to custom fit any home in Concord.

Although it’s most popular for countertops, granite can be incorporated into many other home elements. It’s not that granite countertops are no good, (they’ll likely never go out of style) but homeowners who want to use scrap granite or be creative with their home elements can do so by using the natural stone material. With that being said, here are five ways to incorporate granite into a home.

Granite Is Great For More Than Just Countertops

  1. Countertops
    Obviously the best use of granite is countertops, since it’s a durable surface and comes in hundreds of color and style variations. There are several pros to using granite countertops, mainly that they are durable, dense, affordable and stylish. Really the only con to granite countertops is that homeowners have limited options when it comes to pairing a trim with the granite. However, the pros far outweigh the cons when choosing granite for countertops in Concord. Homeowners can choose neutral, elegant colors for their granite or bold colors like blues and greens.
  1. Sink
    One way to use granite in a unique form is to create a kitchen sink entirely out of the popular material. This look is especially elegant when granite countertops flow into the sink to create a seamless, all granite surface. Guests will definitely do a double take when they see that the inside of their host’s sink is pure granite.
  1. Bathtubs
    To add instant luxury to a bathroom, homeowners should install a granite ledge around their bathtub. The larger the ledge, the more elegant this design will look. However, even just a small granite lip around the bathtub will add instant glamour and transform a bathroom.
  1. Shower Walls
    Another way to use granite in the bathroom is in the shower. Homeowners can create an entire granite shower wall with a glass door, or they can use granite for just half of the wall and a different material for the other half for a trendy mixed material look.
  1. Fireplace
    This look is especially modern and sleek. Dark granite surrounding a fireplace and creating a stone ledge add an extremely luxurious element to homes.
  1. Shelves
    This is an excellent way to use leftover granite, or to add granite to a home without spending a lot of money. Simple granite shelves add an interesting detail to a home, and bring a level of sophistication to the space without using a lot of the material.
  1. Backsplash
    A granite backsplash in the kitchen is a beautiful, classic look that can be done in any home.

Whether someone wants granite countertops in Concord or a bathtub of the same stone in Dallas, these seven uses of granite will look great in any home.