Bathroom Remodeling

Go Green on the Next Bathroom Remodel

Since you are already planning on remodeling, why not help the environment and yourself by going green with your bathroom remodeling project? You can easily update your bathroom with high-efficiency fixtures that will help the environment and lower your monthly utility bills.

Water Management – Newer fixtures help regulate the flow of water and keep you from wasting so much. You can get these fixtures for faucets, showerheads, toilets, and more.

Water Temperature – Insulate your pipes to keep the water warm from your water heater to the bathroom. Consider a tankless water heater as a green option, heating water only when it is needed.

Fans –Install an automatic moisture sensor fan to control humidity levels.

Tiles – If you need new tiles, consider tiles and grout made from recycled material and organic compounds.

Lighting – Try to include natural light options when possible to lower your electricity needs.

Repurpose – Check secondhand and consignment shops for supplies to save money and keep these items out of a landfill.

Donations – Donate any old fixtures that are still in reusable condition. Local charities can use these items.