Granite Countertops in Concord: A Worthwhile Investment

A full kitchen remodel is usually a significant expenditure, to the point that many people apply for loans of save for years in order to gather the funds for it. Installing granite countertops in Concord is usually regarded as a premium upgrade, as they are much more expensive than standard laminate coverings. However, choosing granite instead of new laminate or ceramic tiles poses several advantages that turn them into an investment, rather than an expense.

“Granite”: A Broad Term That Hides Many Qualities

The first thing to consider when buying granite countertops in Concord is that “granite” itself is a bit of a vague term. Granite is not so much a specific stone as it is a family of stones, which can be composed of different minerals such as feldspar, mica, or mozonite. The specific minerals used in each type of granite are responsible for the variety of colors and patterns available: these range from deep black, silver, dark greens, or even to marble-like palettes.

Regardless of the color pattern and specific minerals it contains, granite is always a solid, non-porous rock, and a luxurious finish for any kitchen remodel. In nature, it is second only to diamonds when it comes to hardness. In addition to its aesthetic value, the properties of the stone will bring other benefits.

Granite is Hygienic and Durable

There are two main aspects of granite that make it a much more hygienic kitchen option that laminate or ceramic. First, its hardness makes it nearly impossible to scratch, even if chopping vegetable or cutting steak directly on it – this will be more likely to damage the knife rather than the stone slab. While the lack of scratches and imperfections may seem purely aesthetic, it also makes it much easier to clean. Combined with its non-porous quality, this hardness makes granite a very inhospitable environment for the many bacteria that often hide in ceramic tiles.

Its Heat Resistance Prevents Accidents

Many painful accidents have been triggered by people hurriedly trying to find a safe surface on which to rest a boiling pot or hot stone fresh from the oven. Out of fear of damaging laminate coverings, which quickly melt when exposed to heat, many have been scalded by boiling water or burned their hand with hot iron handles. Granite is undamaged by heat, and is therefore rarely involved in these painful trips to the ER.

“Brand New” Appeal for Longer

One of the most powerful reasons for getting granite countertops in Concord is the way in which this material resists the passage of time. The unique colorful patterns in the stone never fade, so the work won’t look dull in a couple of years’ time. Provided that the stone slabs are sealed every couple of years, granite countertops don’t get stained either – a common issue with ceramic tiles. Therefore, granite countertops are often seen as the last ones a home will ever need.

The benefits of opting for granite countertops instead of cheaper materials may not be immediately evident – especially right after the shock of hearing the initial payment – but their durability and hygienic value will offset them in a few years