How Long a Bathroom Remodel in Concord May Take

Clients often wonder how long a remodeling project will take. The question is not cut and dry. There are several influences to take into account, but the best way to answer such a question is by breaking the project down into three parts.

Design Development

Clients may be surprised to discover that design development tends to have the most influence on the timing of a bathroom remodel in Concord. Carefully developed plans with each detail considered and drawn properly, along with the materials needed, have a strong influence on the timing of the entire project. Once everything is accurately drawn up, the installation stage will be seamless as all the decisions will have been made.

Material Ordering and Labor Scheduling

Ordering materials is the next phase of the project, along with scheduling labor. This is typically determined by the longest lead-time item, which tends to be the cabinets. Usually, cabinet lead times can take from 6 – 12 weeks. Highly customized cabinets or those coming from another country can also influence timing.

The installation will depend on the complexity and size of the task, and the age and condition of the bathrooms. Elements such as electrical and plumbing upgrades and plaster removal may mean it takes longer to install the new space.

While many people are anxious to begin the remodeling process, it is essential that they wait for all materials to arrive. It would be highly unfortunate to remove the existing bathroom and find that cabinets were not yet available. There is a certain amount of risk in doing a tear down prior to materials arriving on site, but this is a decision the contractor and homeowner usually make together.

A Bathroom Remodel in Concord: The Installation Phase

This is the part of the remodel where all the time spent designing and planning will pay off. There will be skilled tradespeople involved in installing the bathroom, along with tile installers, electricians and plumbers.

Having a well-developed plan in place means that each person will know what is expected of them and at what stage they are expected to perform their tasks. The time spent ordering materials ahead of time also means that contractors are not waiting for materials to be delivered, and they can get on with their tasks right away.

Accurate drawings and a site manager also mean that contractors don’t need to wait for anyone else to arrive on site to answer questions or deal with issues, which also saves time and money.


While it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how long a remodel of a bathroom will take, the typical timeline tends to average between 4 – 6 months, depending on a range of factors. A disciplined approach to the entire project, but especially the design phase, can reap many benefits towards the outcome and success of the remodeling project. That means the homeowner will be able to enjoy his or her new space on time and, importantly, on budget.