How To Design Custom Cabinets in Concord The Right Way

When remodeling the kitchen, there are two categories that are likely to take the bulk of the budget: upgrading electrical installations and renewing kitchen cabinets. People who are opting for custom cabinets in Concord will find that the amount of money allotted to them is likely to be even higher – although they are often seen as a worthwhile investment, because they allow for the best use of space and a high degree of customization.

Nevertheless, when dealing with such significant purchases, it is important to ensure they’re being done the smart way. The following considerations will help ensure every dime is well spent when choosing custom cabinets.

  1. Assessing What’s Really Needed
    Long gone are the days where kitchen cabinets were designed by a third party first, and then the family would find a way to make them functional. People ordering custom cabinets in Concord nowadays should find a designer who is willing to work with them and assess exactly what they need. Proper custom cabinets are now designed even with the specific kitchenware that will be stored in mind – from sliding drawers for pan sets to “garage stations” for specific appliances that should be kept out of sight.

    Family and cook-specific habits should also be considered when determining which accessories are necessary. Some homes will be better served by built in spice racks next to the main counter, while other will prefer extra hangers for dried herbs. If music or online recipes are frequent tools for the home’s inhabitants, then a charging station will be a worthwhile investment, but families who still prefer their old family recipe books can find customized solutions as well.

  1. Balancing Style, Space, And Budget
    There are two main cabinet styles that families can choose from: traditional cabinets and European-style cabinets. Traditional cabinets include a face frame in addition to a box, and they tend to fit in better in Mediterranean or vintage-style kitchens, as well as outdoor kitchens. On the other hand, European-style cabinets are frameless, and provide easier access to the cabinet’s contents, although they usually compensate by requiring a thicker box. While they look more modern, they can compromise space.

    When commissioning custom cabinets in Concord, materials will make for a big part of the budget. However, as kitchen cabinets are usually a long term purchase, it’s usually better to avoid skimping too much on materials. Particle boards or melamine covers are to be avoided, as they tend to age too quickly and can even get ruined under high humidity options. Plywood is much more durable, and with the right finish it can fit into a variety of styles and colors.

  1. Taking Modern Trends Into Account
    Traditionally, kitchen cabinets have often veered towards sleek finished and rich, deep colors such as cherry wood, leaving lighter shades for bathroom decoration. However, new vintage-industrial tendencies are bringing bamboo or anaglade to the kitchen, as well as crude colors, as a way to bring light and a living room ambiance to the kitchen. Similarly, glossy and polished finishes are being replaced by textured surfaces, as part of a wider move to seek natural and green-friendly looks.

Kitchen cabinets are a long term investment, especially if they are custom ordered. It’s important to work with a designer who gives each client the chance to express their needs and preferences, and who keeps overall budget and functionality in mind.