How to Pick New Kitchen Countertops

Countertops receive a lot of attention. From prepping meals to cleaning up messes, they serve as one of the most used surfaces in a kitchen. Because the kitchen is one of the rooms most people will spend their time in, it is no wonder homeowners want to make sure they choose the right materials when remodeling. Not only do homeowners want an aesthetically pleasing look, they also want functionality. Choosing the right material comes down to the unique needs of family members.


Choosing quartz countertops in the Concord area will provide a kitchen with the most durability. The man made stone can withstand the normal day to day functions that take place on its surface. Quartz is heat resistant but can not take a hot pan being placed directly on the surface. Since it is nonporous, this stone surface can withstand stains better than other porous materials in comparison. This means that cleaning will be easier and it will not harbor unwanted bacteria.

Natural Options

Granite and marble are the most common natural stone materials that can be used. While both are very similar, there are a few differences to note. Marble requires slightly more upkeep and is less resistant to staining. It is also slightly harder, making it the more durable option. Both require upkeep and when choosing the best option it will generally come down to the preferred style.


When looking for the most budget friendly materials, laminate and tile are normally the lowest priced options. Many times the styles to choose from can resemble those of natural stone. Due to the lower price point, theses surfaces will not add the same value to a home as other options. Some higher end laminates, however, have a comparable price point to cheaper granites. Laminate remains fairly resilient but does have weaknesses like its ability to be scratched and damaged.


The style will play a big factor in most people’s decision. That option is up to personal preference. For those seeking a unique look, almost every material can be custom made to match the needs of a kitchen. The style of the sink can play a key role in the decision since different materials allow for different style sinks. Most families looking to remodel should search around to find the style they like within their budget.

For one of the most used surfaces in a home, families will need to compare the pros and cons. While one material may be a perfect fit for one Concord family, it may not work so great for their neighbor. Depending on the amount of upkeep and functionality needed in each home, the unique needs should be assessed before making the final decision.