Quick Tips for an Easy Bathroom Remodel

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, Concord residents wants to find simple fixes to make a quick change. You spend approximately an hour a day in the bathroom, so it is important that this room is comfortable and pleasant. The problem is that a total remodel can be very costly, so many people just let their bathrooms remain as they are when they move in. The good news is that you can have a beautiful bathroom with a few simple and inexpensive remodeling tricks.

Consider New Countertops

A new countertop is a quick and easy way to make your bathroom look like a completely new space. You want to opt for a sturdy material that is able to withstand a lot of use, as well as moisture, so make sure that you are keeping this in mind. You should also have it installed professionally to ensure that it will last for years to come.

Window Coverings

Most bathrooms have privacy windows or mini blinds and while these get the job done, they are not the most attractive. Purchasing new curtains or a different type of blind, such as a Roman shade, can help to liven the space up. Since bathrooms tend to be smaller in size, you want to choose a window covering that still allows in plenty of natural light, or an option that can be easily opened and closed as you need privacy.


Changing the paint color in the bathroom can make a world of difference and make the room feel made over. If you have a very small bathroom, you should opt for a bright or neutral color, as dark colors will just make the room feel smaller. You can also opt to paint patterns on the walls or the ceiling for a funkier remodel. Wallpaper can also work, but keep in mind that bathrooms are wet and humid at times, and this could lead to a quicker degrade of the adhesive used to keep wallpaper on the wall.


Things like faucets, shower heads and cabinet handles can be quickly and easily changed. There are many inexpensive options available at all hardware stores. You could change all three of these for little money and just a few hours of time.

Scrub It Clean

A thorough cleaning can often give the bathroom a new feel. When this is combined with small changes, it can make the bathroom appear completely remodeled. Scrubbing the grout with a mild bleach and a toothbrush is often enough to get it back to looking like new. If not, grout can be easily replaced with little time and money. On this same thought, stripping and redoing the sealant on the bathtub and other fixtures can also make a dingy room seem new.

Use these ideas for a smaller scale bathroom remodel in Concord. Most of these you can do on your own, but do not be afraid to consult with a professional for the bigger jobs.