Quick Tips for Greater Home Safety for Kids

If you have kids, then you know that it is important to childproof your home. Furniture is often overlooked, but it should not be because kids have been severely injured by furniture. There are ways to reduce the risk as much as possible so that you and your kids can have fun without the risk of injury. Whether looking at older tables or quartz countertops, Concord parents can do a number of quick things to ensure a safer space.

Fix Those Wobbly Tables

A table leg leveler is one of the easiest ways to do this. If a table is wobbling back and forth this could lead to injury. For example, if you have a wobbly coffee table and your small child climbs onto it, when it wobbles he or she could lose his or her balance and fall off. Since kids like to climb and no one has eyes in the back of their head, it is important to make sure that all tables are strong and steady just in case the kids end up climbing onto it.

Drawer Locks

Dressers are heavy items and when you have a drawer open, they can become even heavier. Say you left the top drawer open, well your child can pull on this and pull the entire dresser onto him or her. This could be a very dangerous accident. One way to help prevent this is to put locks on the drawers. If the drawers cannot be opened, then the child will not be able to hang on them and risk pulling the entire piece of furniture onto him or herself.

Childproof Cabinetry

You keep everything from sharp knives to heavy pots and pans to cleaning chemicals in your kitchen cabinets. All of these are items you want to keep away from kids. There are small cabinet locks that you can use to prevent kids from being able to open the doors. These are usually made from plastic and are similar to a childproof medicine bottle. You have to disengage the lock to open the door and most small children are not able to do this.

Securing Electronics

There is a risk that a small child could accidentally pull a television or other piece of electronic equipment onto themselves. Make sure that these are secured to a surface. All cords should also be kept neat and out of reach.

Whether you want to keep your quartz countertops in Concord child-free or you want the doors below to not be able to be easily opened, these ideas will work. The key is to ensure that your child is safe in all areas of your home so that the risk of accidents is reduced.