Redesigning a Powder Room on a Budget

Small redesign projects can instantly update a home. Powder rooms generally have less square footage than a normal bathroom, making renovations more budget friendly. In most homes, this is the bathroom visitors will use. By exploring options to remodel a powder room, those with budget concerns can still undergo modern renovations.

Making Use of a Small Space

With a small space, there is less room to play with different options. Bulky cabinets can take up a lot of space. Pedestal sinks will leave more room, and a display can be used for towels. Big mirrors can add space to a room, and white options give a more airy and open feel. Utilizing the lines of the flooring can visually create length or width of the entire room.

Creating a Budget

One advantage of doing a redesign in such a small space is the budget concerns. Expensive materials will be needed in small quantities making them more affordable to use. For someone hoping to add these luxuries to their home affordably, a powder room will give them access to the materials they love. Lighting can be costly, but a single fixture can add just enough light to brighten the entire space.

Adding Personal Touches

After a remodel has taken place, the remaining work involves personal touches. A Concord home can contain the personality of the owner in its bathroom design. The use of art and decor will be up to the owner’s personal preference. A hook for coats and handbags can be added so that guests have an area to place their belongings. A small floating shelf can be installed to hold items such as keys, towels, or decor.

Overcoming Challenges

Though a small space is affordable to remodel, there are challenges that can occur. A homeowner may need to consider everything on their wishlist to decide what will and will not fit. Someone who dreams of a lot of cabinet space may want to consider adding a space saver with cabinets over the toilet rather than below the sink. These cabinets will serve the same purpose without taking up much room.

There is more to consider when thinking about powder room remodeling than what may immediately come to mind. Flooring, toilets, sinks, walls, lighting, and much more will need to be planned to fit the needs of the homeowner and the functionality of the room. All of these things are possible on a budget, but the owner may want to consider keeping some parts of the original room to save on costs. An expert can be called in to help with these important decisions. These experts will be able to guide owners and give them ideas as to what will and will not work.