Remodeling Tips for the Master Bathroom

When remodeling a master bath, most people want luxury and comfort in their updated space. With as much use as a bathroom receives, homeowners want to create a room they will love for a long time. There are various things to consider when selecting the perfect options. What goes onto the wishlist of those considering updates are different for each person. While a wife may want a large tub with a lot of jets, her husband may be more excited by a large shower. If space does not allow for both, compromises will need to be made.


Lighting is very important to many in the bathroom. From doing makeup to shaving, dull light fixtures can quickly cause frustration. Natural light from a skylight or windows are great to have but may not come in handy at night. It is still necessary to use other sources. The shower, tub, and vanity are the most important places to add extra lighting. Adjustable lighting can be a great fit for any master bath. Turning the lights down can add relaxation to a soak in the bathtub.


Storage can be built up rather than out to use space wisely, especially if a master bath is on the smaller side. Adding tall cabinetry gives more room while also looking elegant. Open shelving is a popular choice for the bathroom as well. Tall shelving units use vertical space rather than take up extra room and make great storage.


Bathroom vanities can easily add to or take away from a master bath. Vessel sinks are popular due to their stylish nature. Though they can be very versatile and traditional, some styles may go out of date. To help prevent this, homeowners can pair a more contemporary sink with other traditional features. Granite countertops are a classic feature to add to any bathroom in Concord. Because granite is heavy, the floor should be checked to make sure it can hold the weight.


A cold bathroom can ruin the comfort that should be had. Features like heated floors help warm up the room instantly. Heated mats or towel warmers are more cost effective and also add touches or warmth. Fireplaces are becoming more popular in bathrooms, and for good reasons. Not only do they help add warmth, they also look great and have a cozy feel to them.

When making a plan to remodel the best first step for homeowners is to create a budget, a wish list, and a need list. They should then contact an expert for an estimate of the costs to see what is affordable. If everything on the wish list does not match the budget, homeowners can then compromise to create the perfect bathroom at their perfect price.