Seven Design Upgrades For A Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. It’s where meals are cooked, families and friends congregate, and homeowners enjoy their morning coffee. For people who want to update their kitchen, or are designing a brand new house, it can be a little daunting to design the kitchen once they’ve seen how many ideas are out there. Hiring professionals can help, especially for kitchen designs in Concord since the professionals there are so well equipped to help with custom home designs. However, these seven kitchen designs will look great in any home anywhere in the country.

7 Kitchen Designs For Concord Homes, Houston Homes And Everything In-between

  1. Unique Pantry Door
    Instead of using a normal door, homeowners can get creative with what entrance they use for their pantry. There are several options, all of which add charm and creativity to a kitchen. One design is to use a sliding barn door for the pantry to give the kitchen a rustic, farmhouse feel. Another is to use a vintage screen door or pastel colored screen door to add a shabby chic element to the kitchen. Lastly, an etched glass door with the word “pantry” is another classy, vintage look for the kitchen.
  1. Island With Built In Seats
    Not a tropical island, but a large, wood, horseshoe shaped island for the kitchen. A great way to create an inviting atmosphere is to build a booth inside the island to create community seating. This is also a great option for small kitchens that want the luxury of a large island, without sacrificing space.
  1. Baseboard Drawers
    Homeowners can create extra storage in their kitchen by installing drawers as their baseboards.
  1. Chalkboards
    Chalkboard paint is a wonderful way to turn virtually anything into a chalkboard. Having a chalkboard in a kitchen adds a homey touch, since it allows people to write personal messages on the chalkboards or show off their artistic skills. It’s also a great way for family members to leave each other reminders. Homeowners can make the backsplash behind the oven a chalkboard, paint a side of the fridge to be a chalkboard, or even paint an entire kitchen wall to be a chalkboard.
  1. Open Shelving
    This option is great for homeowners that want to show off their vintage dish set, or all matching copper cookware. By installing wooden open shelves as storage, homeowners will also create an earthy but modern feel to their kitchen.
  1. Marble Contact Paper
    Marble is all the rage right now; people see it all over their Instagram feeds and Pinterest. Marble is pretty costly, but luckily there’s a cheaper way to achieve a luxurious marble look. Adhesive contact paper comes in many styles, including marble. Homeowners simply adhere the paper to whatever surface they want to cover, and there it is: instant marble.
  1. Copper Sink
    A copper kitchen sink is an excellent way to add a pop of character to a kitchen. Depending on how the rest of the kitchen is styled, a copper sink can be rustic with a farmhouse vibe, or modern and industrial.

Whether someone wants a new kitchen design in Concord or an upgrade in Houston, these seven kitchen designs will look perfect in any home.