Seven Ways To Upgrade A Bathroom

Redecorating or remodeling a home is a fun way for homeowners to make their spaces feel brand new. Although the process may stress some people out because of technicalities, the process can be very smooth if they hire qualified professionals to help.

Another thing that may overwhelm people wanting to do a home remodel is the plethora of ideas and styles that are out there. When deciding how to remodel, especially for bathrooms, it’s important to keep in mind practicality. Once the practicality of a remodel has been figured out, homeowners can move on to the fun part. To help with the decision-making process of style and tone, here are ten ideas for a bathroom remodel.

Seven Ideas For A Concord Bathroom Remodel

  1. Subway and Patterned Tile
    One way to create an instantly modern look is to use subway tile and mix it with small mosaic patterned tiles. Black and white looks especially chic and elegant, not to mention the mixed tiles will give an old school charm to the bathroom. Another bonus point is that this tile option is inexpensive, but looks intricate and luxurious.
  1. White Beaded Boards
    This classic style is incredibly affordable and easy to install. White beaded boards as a backsplash will add an instant beach house, cottage vibe to a bathroom.
  1. Barn Wood
    For a rustic style remodel, homeowners should install horizontal wood planks on their bathroom walls. To really amp up the rustic feel, sanding the planks and painting them grey will create a shabby chic vibe. Staining the wood will create an elegant, ranch style bathroom.
  1. Use Color Unconventionally
    Many people reserve bold colors for the bathroom décor or the walls, but to create a truly unique bathroom, homeowners should try color on the bathtub, countertops or other large pieces in the bathroom. Bold colored tile is also a good in-between for people who want colored walls, but still want something unique. Colored glass blocks for a shower cover is another way to add a pop of color in an unconventional spot.
  1. Tin Metal Shower
    Using reclaimed tin roof metal as the walls for a shower is a great way to add an industrial, rustic vibe to a bathroom. Homeowners can also add a brick floor to the shower to create even more of an industrial look in your Concord bathroom remodel.
  1. Patterned Mosaic Tile Floor
    Spanish tile and Moroccan tile are both beautiful designs that would look great in any bathroom. Homeowners can keep it simple by using white, black or other neutral colors on the tile, or really embrace the cultural style by using richly colored tiles.
  1. Framed Mirror
    Instead of leaving just a plain mirror on the wall, homeowners can add dimension and style to their mirror to really transform their bathroom is a small way. There are many options for framing a mirror, one of which is to use stained wood. This look is both elegant and earthy, and looks great in any styled bathroom

Whether homeowners want a bathroom remodel in Concord or Austin, these seven ideas would be excellent options for any home.