Six Ways To Repurpose Old Cabinets

Many people don’t realize it, but cabinetry can truly be a form of art. Really, anything that involves design or crafting something from the imagination is a form of art. However, cabinets can be turned into actual art and other crafts thanks to DIY projects online. If someone is replacing their cabinets, there are actually several ways they can repurpose their old cabinets. Here six creative projects for anyone to do in cabinetry from Concord to New York.

Six Creative Projects For Cabinetry In Concord

  1. Chalkboard
    Chalkboard paint is a favorite among crafters and DIYers, and for good reason. Having a chalkboard as décor adds a unique, old school element to any room. It’s entirely doable to turn an old cabinet door into a chalkboard by swiping on a few coats of chalkboard paint onto the wood. If there is molding on the cabinet door or a panel, one could just turn the panel into a chalkboard and paint the molding a different color for a nice border.
  1. Sandwich Board
    Two cabinet doors can be turned into a sandwich board by drilling a hinge into the wood to connect the two pieces, and then attaching ribbon or string at the bottom. Then, the panel or the whole cabinet door can be painted with chalkboard paint to create and take away different messages. This DIY would be especially useful for an event such as a party or wedding to welcome guests. In this case, the cabinet door could be left as is or repainted in any color and a permanent message could be painted onto the surface.
  1. Bulletin Board
    This is a great craft for teachers, or any busy home that needs to leave messages for its occupants. A cabinet door can be covered in burlap or any other fabric to create a bulletin board that can have notes, pictures and cards pinned to it.
  1. Wall Art
    A cabinet door is essentially just a board of wood, so people with artistic talent could paint an image onto a cabinet door and display their work on a wall. Quotes and song lyrics could also be transcribed onto cabinet doors to be displayed as wall décor.
  1. Shelf
    Once again, a cabinet is really just a plank or several planks of wood. To create extra shelving in a home, one could simply nail a cabinet door horizontally into a wall. To really get creative with this idea, people can keep the hinges on the cabinet door and drill those into the wall. Then, they can attach a foldable prop of wood under the cabinet door to create a wall shelf that can be propped up and taken down as needed.
  1. Nightstand
    An old dresser drawer can be turned upright and have legs attached to it to create an open nightstand. This can be painted into any color or pattern to fit any style bedroom. Not to mention, the open belly of the drawer creates storage, and the flat tabletop serves as a nightstand.

Whether someone is repurposing their cabinetry in Concord or Austin, these six cabinet DIY projects will look great in any home.