Small Bathroom Remodel in Concord: Cabinets to The Rescue

A bathroom remodel in Concord juggles a complicated balance between functionality and style. This task is made harder when working with a small space, either in a small apartment or loft, or when trying to revamp an extra guest bathroom. While the first temptation for homeowners when remodeling an extra small bathroom is to do away with all furniture and keep frills to a minimum, this poses the risk of the room becoming uncomfortable. A smart design, however, can open up new shelf space where there is none.

Clutter Makes Everything Seem Smaller: Here’s How to Avoid It

Paradoxically, people seeking to start a bathroom remodel in Concord often fail to realize that furniture is actually more important in tiny spaces. After all, a functional bathroom must have a place to keep basic toiletries and towels – but few things will contribute more to creating cramped spaces that get cluttered easily.

A small bathroom that has no space for a big laundry basket or towel rack should have wall cabinets and a shelf – if they can be embedded between existing columns, all the better, to provide neat storage space. If floor space is sufficient, a storage ladder can also provide a creative solution: not only will it look original, but its asymmetry will help create the illusion of more space when standing up.

Naked Walls Should Not Be Wasted

When space is not an issue, it’s easy for homeowners seeking a bathroom remodel in Concord to keep shelves to the classic places: maybe a shelf or two under the vanity mirror, or a corner shelf or rack next to the shower. In small spaces, however, it’s necessary to look outside the box. The space above the toilet, for example, is often overlooked, although in most cases a small medicine cabinet can be fit there. Likewise, any windowsills or edges can easily accommodate an extra shelf.

For long-term, bulky supplies, such as toilet paper, a shelf above the door may do the trick. Likewise, the back of the door can accommodate a series of smaller towel hangers, saving the space taken by one huge towel rack.

Playing With Color and Materials

In a small bathroom, keeping airy colors and light materials becomes even more important to maximize space – or at least, the illusion of it. A marine color pallet should be privileged instead of deep purples or brown mats and curtains. Cabinets should keep to white or light beige, and materials other than wood should be explored. A weaved basket inside an open drawer will feel fresher, for example, and keep toiletries organized.

Where Doors Can’t Be Opened, Sliders Can Work

A common problem when trying to fit more cabinets or drawers in a small space is to keep enough room to be able to open them comfortably. Sliding doors are a practical solution – whether it’s the bathroom door itself, or using side-sliding drawers to hide cleaning supplies in a seemingly tiny space.

Bathroom remodelling requires style and creativity, as often the space that needs to be redesigned is less than ideal. An expert remodelling company can help find solutions off-the-beaten path, providing an additional layer of clever practicality.