Small Bathrooms Can Be Pretty, Functional, and Look Bigger

Do you feel lost in trying to figure out what, or how, to do a great remodel with your small bathroom? Do you feel like it’s just a little box and that’s all it can be? You’re in luck because there is something you can do with the bathroom to make it pretty and functional, regardless of the size. With certain design illusions and design choices that small bathroom can be transformed into a room you love, and prospective home buyers may love too.

Certain storage and shelving choices can bring functionality and the illusion of a bigger size. Open and floating shelving can serve multiple purposes in your small bathroom. Open shelves can hold colorful towels, rolled up, that can provide a pop of color that the bathroom desperately needs. The floating shelves provide storage without taking up the floor space that is already at a premium. Wooden crates can be used in a variety of ways also, like screwed into the wall or stacked, to save space. Hidden storage racks under the sink can provide the illusion of a bigger room and allow for the utilization of the floor for further storage areas. A pedestal sink can also save a lot of space as compared to a sink with a counter and cabinet.

The colors you use throughout your bathroom can do a lot to create the illusion of a much bigger room. The use of lighter colors, like yellow and pale blue, can give the natural illusion of a much bigger space than it really is. Carrying these lighter colors onto the floor and ceiling make the room also look much taller than it really is and continues the illusion. Using a lighter color than you used on the ceiling, walls, and floors on the door and moldings can make the walls seem like they are further away. Make sure to utilize whatever natural light the bathroom offers because it is an important characteristic to create a bigger room. Blend the colors from the walls into the floors and ceiling as well.

Once you have a great bathroom remodel done by a great professional, like your local professional in Concord, your bathroom design is ready to bring it all to life. Just because your bathroom is small, doesn’t mean it has to look small. The right colors used in the right way can create an illusion of the eye that also looks natural. Small bathrooms can also be functional when you do a little storage upgrading. Small bathrooms don’t have to be a dreary eye sore on the back of the rest of your well designed house. Make your whole house beautiful and functional with just some simple design tips.