Small Changes That Alter the Look of Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is usually a smaller space, so when you make changes you have to be especially careful to maintain the flow of the room. When it comes to bathroom design, Concord residents should know that there are some small changes that have a big impact without making your bathroom feel smaller. In fact, with the right remodeling contractor or some DIY skills, the changes you make can actually make this room feel more spacious and open.

Put Up a Larger Mirror

A larger mirror creates an illusion of more space in a very small bathroom. Place this above your sink so that it is both functional and decorative. Having at least one light above it, allows for the light to bounce well which further makes your bathroom seem like it is bigger than it is. If you have a bit of additional space, you might also consider a small vanity to sit down at. Here, you would also place a mirror so that you can see what you are doing while getting ready.

Consider a Stained Glass Window

A stained glass window is an easy way to add someone color and character to your bathroom. The window in this space is likely already small, making it ideal for this type of decorative window. Make sure that this window is placed and sealed properly. Windows are not too hard to install, but you should take your time and ensure that it is done right. With stained glass, this also allows for greater privacy in your bathroom too.

Place Open Shelving above the Toilet

No matter the size of your bathroom, you will need more storage to hold things like hygiene items. If your bathroom is very small, you probably do not have any extra floor space for shelving. There are shelving units that you can place over the back of your toilet so that you maintain space and get extra shelving. Make sure that this shelving is open because this helps to make your bathroom feel larger and more open than it actually is.

To ensure greater neatness, you can put the products in small baskets and then onto the shelving. This can also prevent items from accidentally getting knocked off and falling into your toilet. Just measure the shelves so that the baskets you opt for slide easily in place and do not hang over the sides of the shelving.

As you can see, creating some plans to make changes to your bathroom is a smart idea. With these ideas, the end result is a bathroom design in Concord that you will love relaxing in. Should you consider getting some help, make sure that the contractor is experienced.