Some Facts About Granite Countertops

Choosing the right materials to use for your kitchen remodeling project are choices that may require some research to pick the material that best suits your needs and taste.

Natural, sustainable materials are becoming more and more popular and granite is quickly becoming one of the most popular natural stones used for countertop projects in the kitchen. Your local granite counter-top professionals in Concord, California can answer any specific installation questions you may have concerning price and procedure, but for many of your questions you can find the answers yourself.

Granite is a great option to choose for your kitchen counter tops project. Being a natural stone, it has certain natural qualities that you should be aware of before you decide on a material. It is a natural stone material, but because it takes thousands of years to make it is not necessarily considered to be sustainable but can still fall into the green category.

Because it is a natural material provided from the earth, there are limited colors and patterns that you can get with granite. You get what Mother Nature gives you. Granite is, also, a low maintenance material that rarely breaks or cracks. This doesn’t mean it isn’t possible but it is usually a small issue that your Concord, California installer can easily address for you with epoxy. It is highly heat resistant and it will not melt or bubble under intense heat. There is the chance that it may crack if exposed to heat over long periods of time but it would take quite some time. It is also scratch resistant but it will dull your knives so cutting on it is not recommended.

Because it’s natural stone, it does have limitations, and requires certain preparations before it can be installed. Because of the weight of the material, there is a limit on the size of the slabs that you can use, and therefore there will be seams. Theses seams are usually sealed and hidden with color matching epoxy so that you can’t even tell that they are there. Granite is, also, a porous material that will absorb liquids. But if it absorbs liquids, it will also allow them to evaporate. Many installers will seal the stone with a highly durable sealer so this is not an issue. Many of the sealers used today are durable and will last for up to 10 years. Because of the characteristics of granite, it is a very low maintenance material that is great for the kitchen.

Granite is a beautiful stone that adds a wonderful natural look to any kitchen. Your local professional granite counter-top installer can answer any questions that you may have concerning their prices and procedures pertaining to the installation. Happy remodeling!