Storage Ideas For Different Bathroom Designs

Homeowners who are designing a bathroom should keep a few important tips in mind. Rounded corners should always be used for sinks, shower doors should always open outward, and it’s best to use a tall mirror and pedestal sink in tiny bathrooms.

Sometimes, homeowners don’t follow these design rules. Maybe a home already came with an oddly designed bathroom, or maybe the unique layout a homeowner created seemed like a good idea in theory, but not in practice. Whatever the reason, some bathroom designs don’t always function in the most efficient way or utilize space well. Luckily, these ten storage and space hacks can work even in the most oddly designed bathroom.

Ten Space Hacks For Bathrooms

  1. Vertical Shelving
    For family bathrooms, the best way to utilize space is to install skinny, vertical shelving. Long towel racks are also a good idea for home bathrooms that have several occupants. It’s also helpful to install wire baskets or other small carriers on the inside of cabinet doors to add even more storage space in tall, thin shelving units.
  1. Bathtub Nook
    If possible, carving out a nook above a bathtub creates an excellent way to store soap, sponges, shampoo and other bath essentials. Not to mention this is also a stylish upgrade that will give a bathroom a spa-like feel.
  1. Linen Closet
    For homes that have a linen closet in the hallways, this can be used to create extra space in a bathroom. Instead of jamming all the bathroom towels into a cabinet in the bathroom, homeowners should store them in the linen closet. This can be easily done by installing a towel rack on the inside door the linen closet, so that normal linens can still be neatly stored on the closet’s shelves.
  1. Countertop Cabinet
    Bathrooms that have a double vanity with quite a bit of space between the two sinks offer a lot of storage possibilities for homeowners. A cabinet can be set right on top of the counter between the two sinks to take up that unused space in a very efficient way. Homeowners can let their creativity shine through with this too, by using uniquely shaped wooden storage along with the cabinet.
  1. Sliding Caddy
    A caddy that is stored under the sink is a great way to utilize space, but a caddy that rolls out uses that space even better. Homeowners should stack caddies on top of each other to create a lot of space for beauty products, toiletries and appliances like curling irons.
  1. Over The Door Shelves
    Another excellent way to create extra storage in a bathroom design in Concord is to install a shelf above the doorway. Homeowners can fill woven baskets with extra toiletries or towels, and then place those on the shelf. As long as the shelf is properly anchored into the wall, there shouldn’t be any worry about it crashing down.

Whether the unconventional bathroom design is in Concord or New York, these six bathroom storage hacks are great for anyone who needs more space.