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The bathroom is an important room in your house. The bathroom is the room where everyone in the house starts their day. Everyone needs take a shower, brush their teeth, and use the mirror to groom. Because it’s a room that holds a lot of moisture, having the bathroom properly remodelled is very important for the longevity of the bathroom and to prevent mold.

When you hire an amateur, or worse, a scam artist to remodel your bathroom, you can end up with a horror story and a bathroom that needs to be remodelled again.

I had mold issues in the walls of my bathroom that needed to be repaired in my apartment. The crew of guys showed up that were supposed to fix the mold and remodel the bathroom, but it was not done correctly. They did not follow the proper procedures to ensure the quality of the work they were doing and it ended up being just as bad as it was before.

They ripped the bathroom walls all out. I thought they were going to leave the inner walls exposed so the moisture could dry and then the mold could be cleaned off. They ripped the walls out and put the new walls right back up. They pulled up the floor and did not let that water dry either. Now, just six months later, the mold is beginning to come right back through the sheetrock and I continue to have mold problems.

The health issues that mold can cause are numerous and dangerous. Even in normally healthy people, mold can cause a wide range of issues including respiratory problems, coughing, wheezing, eye and skin irritation, and even rashes. Mold can also elicit asthma like reactions in people with a higher sensitivity. Infants and the elderly are more likely to suffer severe reactions to mold.

This is a testament to the importance of hiring a serious professional when re-doing a bathroom. Make sure you know all about the company you are hiring. When you call your local bathroom remodelling company in Concord, California, make sure you ask all the necessary questions and get all the answers you were looking for. Search their company website for proof of their work and read the customer testimonials about their process and results. If you feel so inclined, call the company and ask for references that you can call. Any company who appreciates their customers will be happy to give you references and want to facilitate a trusting relationship. Some companies pride themselves in doing quality work and having satisfied customers.