The Benefits of Granite Countertops in Concord Kitchens

A kitchen can be turned into a more preferred, attractive and user-friendly space for the entire family when it gets a makeover. Granite tops can be a help and offer several benefits when placed in the kitchen.

11 Benefits of Granite Countertops in Concord

  1. The Value of the Kitchen
    Granite gives kitchens an elegant touch and makes them look high-end, adding value to a kitchen. They are also modern, which is why many homeowners choose granite when remodeling older kitchen.
  1. Granite Offers Great Durability
    This tough stone is highly durable. Homemakers can place hot pans on the countertops, use them to roll out dough and perform all sorts of heavy duty cooking that won’t cause damage to the countertops. Furthermore, these countertops do not scratch easily since granite is sealed with a special seal to help render it scratch-resistant and keep it looking like new.
  1. A More Natural Look
    Granite has a natural pattern to it. It offers a fancy effect to the kitchen, which adds to the kitchen’s overall appeal and, once again, the value of the kitchen.
  1. Less Dirt and Bacteria
    Unlike wooden or laminate countertops, granite does not have pores and is incredibly sleek. This means granite countertops in Concord enjoy being free of dirt and bacteria. If a liquid is spilled on it, it is quick and easy to clean and wiping up food remnants, crumbs and other bits of dirt is effortless.
  1. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
    As mentioned, cleaning granite is fairly effortless. Homemakers only need to use warm water and a soft cloth after cooking to wipe down the countertops. A small amount of kitchen countertop detergent can be used, if desired.
  1. Granite is Repairable
    If part of the stone chips, it is easy enough to repair. Should a larger dent or scratch occur in a granite countertop, the countertop can be replaced, ensuring the kitchen countertops always look brand new.
  1. It is a Family-Friendly Material
    Since granite is so durable, family members of all ages will enjoy cooking, baking and experimenting without the fear of ruining the material.
  1. Heat Resistant
    Granite is resistant to both heat and cold, making for effortless cooking. Hot pots and pans will not scorch the granite, and ice buckets or frozen foods won’t cause the material to warp from dampness, which often happens with cheaper materials and chip wood.
  1. A Handy, Flat Surface
    Flat surfaces are especially handy when making cakes and cookies. Granite is smooth and flat, giving bakers the space to roll out dough and cut shapes.
  1. Granite is Cost Effective
    Homemakers do not have to have granite countertops throughout their kitchen. It can be more cost effective to only have a granite island and then laminate the rest of the kitchen, depending on the available budget. This effect can still look good, while creating a focal point with the island.

These are just a few benefits of having granite countertops in a kitchen. Overall, they offer convenience, aesthetics and functionality.