The Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a long time favorite when it comes to making home improvements. Since many people focus on the look and feel of the kitchen, it is important to note that the natural style is a classic one that will last for many years to come. Thanksgiving and other gatherings will have your family all together in your kitchen, and these bright surfaces will be pleasing to look at, as well as a durable choice.

Weighing the Pros

When shopping for granite countertops in Concord, residents will be looking for the best options out there. They may want to compare other materials to make sure they are choosing the right fit for themselves and their family. The shine and unique pattern is a great look for sure, while the ability to withstand cuts and heat makes for a practical option. The color options to choose from range, while each piece of stone remains different than the next.

Kitchen knives can not cut through the stone, and will not leave any marks behind. A heavy object would need to be dropped onto the corner to cause the counter to chip or break. Since this means the life of the counter is long lasting, buyers can rest easy for years to come.

Consider the Cons

Granite can be an expensive material, however, the life of the stone will mean a new surface will not be necessary for years to come. An expense comes in the upkeep of the new counter. They will need to be sealed to keep the stone from staining and taking in unwanted bacteria. Resealing will often need to be done on a yearly basis, although some treatments will last longer.

Though the material is tough and resilient, there is a rare possibility of it being chipped or broken. If this happens, the owner will be looking at another expense in the repairs. A professional will need to be called to look at and fix the damage.

Contemplate the Options

There are many different materials to choose from and reasons to choose each one is based on the owner’s needs. While a marble counter may be popular, it may wear down faster. Laminate is an inexpensive option but does not provide the same durability. A quartz counter will not require the same maintenance, but will also lack in the unique look that natural stone has.

Those looking to remodel a part of their kitchen, hoping to add these countertops, will be pleased with the shopping process. These individuals will have the option to hand pick their unique stone slabs to ensure the counter fits the needs of their home. When a family gathers, this kitchen update is a timeless centerpiece.