Tips to Keep Your Granite Clean Naturally

When it comes to granite countertops, Concord homeowners want to ensure that they keep them in good condition. Granite does not require a lot of upkeep and maintenance and this is something a lot of people appreciate about it. However, you do want to do some basic cleaning. If you prefer to avoid harsh products, there are natural options for cleaning your granite that is just as effective. Once you know what these are, you can create your natural cleaning plan to ensure that your counters are always in excellent shape.

Be Aware of the Harshness of Your Products

When you use overly harsh products, this will break down the sealant on your granite at a faster rate. This also results in the countertops taking on a dull appearance. It is important to note that several natural cleaners that are often ideal for the kitchen and bathroom are a bit too harsh for regular use on granite too; this includes lemon and vinegar. Sporadic use of these for tougher dirt and impurities will not make much of a difference, but you want to avoid them on a regular basis.

The Natural Products to Consider

Baking soda and water are generally sufficient to use as a cleaner for your granite. Not only will this cleanse away debris and dirt, but it can also be used to alleviate stains when you make a paste and allow it to sit on a stain before wiping it away.

Choose the Right Cloth or Sponge

Just like with your cleaners, the other items you use during the cleaning process also have to be gentle. Make sure that you start with warm water. Avoid water that is hot or cold. Your washcloth should be either microfiber or nubby since this will get rid of dirt and debris, but will not cause problems for the sealant on your granite.

Check Your Seal Once a Year

About once a year, you want to make sure that the sealant on your granite is still in good condition. When you make sure the seal is sufficient, this will make the stone easier to clean and maintain. It will also simply look better. To do a check, put a few drops of water on your granite and wait about five minutes. If the water is present, the seal is fine. If it has absorbed into the granite, you should reseal it.

Use this information to make sure that your granite countertops in Concord remain clean and in good condition. Just a quick wipe down each day is often sufficient, but clean up any spills as they occur. Should your countertops require repair, consult with a professional.