Traditional Kitchen Updates for a Timeless Style

Contemporary looks are great for homes, but the truth is these styles can come and go. Although one home may fit the bill when it comes to a modern kitchen design, a traditional style is timeless. Few people want to remodel their homes with the trends, therefore keeping things classic is most often the best choice when it comes to updates. For a full remodel, flooring, walls, countertops and cabinetry will all be added to the Concord home.


Hardwood flooring is the most common example of a classic look. Not only is it budget friendly for most families, it creates an instant look of warmth and comfort to a room. Many types of hardwood are considered to be eco-friendly, which keeps up with the trend of eco-conscious citizens. The floors are long lasting and will not need to be replaced in the lifetime of most homeowners. Because of the benefits, hardwood is on the wish list of a lot of homeowners.


Though many people like to paint bright colors in the kitchen, yellow being a popular choice, white is a classic style. The color is always in when it comes to style and opens up a room with light. White on white kitchens have long been a popular choice and continue to be a favorite. Other options can be put in elsewhere for those who feel the look is dull. The simple yet classic color will be enjoyable for years to come.


Natural stone counters are another favorite in classic styles for the kitchen. There are multiple materials to choose from, with granite being the most popular. The stone slabs are highly durable and will be able to handle most everything that goes on atop their surfaces. Granite comes in multiple styles, with white being an option for those seeking the white on white look. A colorful backsplash can be added in as a contrast.


Wooden cabinets are the most common and traditional form of kitchen cabinetry. While they can be stained, they can also be painted to the desired color. There are many stock options that work in a kitchen, but for a perfect fit, a custom design is recommended. These cabinets will be made to fit the home and fill space wisely. The functionality combined with the uniqueness add to a home’s value.

When doing a kitchen remodel classic options are often the best to choose from. With a range of styles and options in traditional looks, families will still play a large role in the outcome of their new kitchen. The heart of a home should match the same warmth and comfort of those who live there, and traditional additions can accomplish just that