What to Consider When Installing a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are one of the must-haves people choose when making renovations to their home. This counter becomes an important staple to a room where families spend so much time gathered together. An island will serve as a work area where meals can be prepped, and added storage will be readily available. With many options to customize an island, there is more to consider than just style and design.


Though seating is a choice, it will affect the way an island is built. If the island will accommodate bar stools, leg room will need to be factored in before deciding on the design. Where the chairs will sit will affect how the rest of the island is used. The shape of the island should also be considered in relation to where the seating area goes. A rectangular island will need different seating than a square one.


Cabinet space is the most common use of islands. Having the added storage gives families a place to keep some of their essential supplies. Depending on how else a family will use their island, will depend on the amount of cabinet space they can add. Families needing a lot of space may have to leave out some other features. The cabinet style will need to be considered and whether it will match the rest of the room.


Just like the cabinets, the style of the countertop will need to be considered. Many people choose to use wooden countertops as a feature for the island while using a different material in the rest of the room. Functionality is also a thing to consider when choosing these kitchen design options for a Concord home. Some materials may be pricey and last the home longer, while others may be better for families on a budget.


Sinks are another popular choice to have put into an island. The type of sink will depend on the material of the countertops. Some countertop materials can only house certain sink designs. These two choices should be thought about together to make sure the outcome is desirable. Sinks often need room around them, so the size of the island is important to note. Larger islands will have more sink options, but a smaller island may still be able to hold one.


Some people will choose to have appliances installed in the island. Dishwashers tend to be a popular choice, but will leave less room for storage. Ovens can also take up room at the kitchen island. A cooktop will take up counter space but will leave extra cabinet space. A small island may not be able to accommodate all of the features that a family might want to add to their design.