Your Kitchen Can Be Multifunctional

The kitchen is the gathering place for your family, where everyone meets to socialize and share the stories of the day. This is the room where you entertain your closest friends, and where the kids do homework while they wait for dinner to be ready.

Make sure before you go into the remodel and the kitchen design with a Concord, California professional that you do your research on all the ways that you can maximize the space in the kitchen.

There are numerous ways that your kitchen design can maximize the space to serve you in all the ways that you need.

Countertops- In a multifunctional kitchen, countertops need to be able to serve a variety of purposes. In small homes and apartments, multifunctional is a must. When choosing countertops, keep in mind that you want durable countertops that are easily cleaned. These countertops can serve as places to not only prep food, but to also plate and serve food as well.

Kitchen Islands- By adding a kitchen Island into your design, you add a space that serves a variety of purposes. They can serve as a place for casual dining at mealtimes, a buffet table when entertaining friends, and a space for the kids to do their homework while waiting for dinner. If the island is on wheels, it can be moved around the room to suit your needs as you need it or don’t. They can be chock full of shelves and cabinets for all the storage a kitchen could need.

Message center- Figuring in a small message center can serve as a valuable station for the whole family. Mom or Dad can answer emails and go over the bills, all while waiting for dinner to finish. It can be equipped to support a phone, laptop, USB outlet, and television. It can also be the perfect place to store all the keys and mail for sorting. It can be mom or dad’s mini office space when they are not in the office but still be productive.

Window Sills- The window sills in the kitchen can be the perfect place for small herb gardens. Fresh herbs are not only perfect for fresh cooking but can also bring a wonderful aroma to your kitchen.

Multifunctional Appliances- An appliance that serves multiple purposes can save counter space and money for any household. Things like a convection oven/microwave combo (yes, that is a thing) or a sink and mini-dishwasher combo are perfect for the busy family. The “magic pot” pressure cooker is a hugely popular small appliance right now. Appliances like these are also perfect finds for great kitchens in small spaces.

Creating a multifunctional kitchen is a great way to create a room for family, friends, and loved ones to gather for a meal or entertainment. The right kitchen design can make the kitchen so much more than a kitchen.